Unicycle Basketball

When I lived in Michigan, I would travel to Livonia once a week, on Wednesday night, to play Unicycle Basketball. Usually, about 10-15 people come from all over the Detroit area, and meet at Faith Lutheran church, on 5 mile Road between Merriman and Middlebelt roads. Lately, they have been playing from 8:30 pm to around 10:30 pm.

They usually warm up for a little while, then pick teams (which explains the yellow blouses in the photos below). More recently, the team 'Team Semcycle' had jerseys made up (Yay Josh!) and they're a lot niftier than these old things. (These pictures are pretty old. Someone needs to kick me a few newer pictures. The gameplay lasts for about two hours, with maybe a 15 minute break in the middle. This is referred to as 'Franking'.


Anybody can come to play or watch; there are kids as young at 8 who play. Also, if you're trying to learn how to ride, come along! People don't mind giving a few pointers, and will hold you up while you practice.

Once they're done playing basketball, some folks go over to Teresa and Sem's house to play video games and eat pizza.


Who cares, it's fun, good exercise, etc. Some of these people can do some amazing things.

In August 2000, the team traveled to Beijing to participate in Unicon XX, where they took the silver medal from about 16 teams worldwide. (Puerto Rico won the gold.) In July 2001, we traveled to Toronto for Nationals and won the gold and bronze medals... our A and B teams, respectively. This time, Puerto Rico got the silver. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up from that event.


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