Some notes about this setup: this is really two separate setups. I split the system in the bedroom and made it its own separate cable TV-watching/recording station. This lets us still watch two different shows at the same time, AND record up to two shows simultaneously (one analog, one digital) while even watching a third program. Plus, having the EyeTV 500 in the family room gives us T*vo-like abilities to time-shift digital (SD/HD) television via the Mac Mini, on the main TV.

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The Sharp Aquos 37" LC-GD6U is the TV I ended up purchasing. I was originally looking at the LC-37G4U, (no digital HD tuner included) but when I realized that this model did not have firewire (i.Link, IEEE1394, etc.) I opted to get the GD6U instead. However, if you like the separate AVC (in/out connection hookup box) and the slim 'umbilicus' to the TV, get one now (it's Jan 2005 as of this writing) because I'm told they're being phased out in this 'smaller' line.

I ended up buying the STR-DE997B A/V Tuner from a local shop in Chicago, because I couldn't wait. So I paid tax and overpaid. As of this writing (Jan 2005) I could have saved $160 by shopping at OneCall. I was originally looking at the STRDA2000ES, which is a higher tier 'direct drive' amp, and has triggers / RS232 (etc.) but I decided I could live without it...

OneCall: Your Audio / Video Home Theater Choice!

Quite frankly, these guys are awesome. I looked all over eBay for like a month and never found people with Buy It Now prices I could trust. Plus, these guys give really good advice, and they don't make commission. I never felt pressured to buy, and I have called to ask them questions multiple times and not bought anything. No problem.

If you click my link to these guys and you see something you like, hey cool, maybe I'll make $5 if you buy something. Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.

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