My name is Thom Brooks. As of January 2009 my wife and I have relocated to Austin, TX.

In May 2009 I began working for the Austin office of Data Projections, Inc. I design, program, install and service Audio-Visual systems, many of which are controlled by Crestron or AMX automation processors.

Prior to this, I lived in Chicago, IL since 2001 and had worked for the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum since 2002. I was the Senior Systems Engineer in the I.T. department.

My resume (updated September 2011) is available online, or as a PDF file, Word document or plain text.
Portfolios of my work are available for the following years: 2006 (10 MB PDF), 2007-2008 (5 MB PDF)

I've volunteered with Special Days Camp, a camp for children with cancer and their siblings, since 1998.  

My wife Christina and I adopted our standard poodle Clytie from the Houston Poodle Rescue in May 2009. She was part of a litter of 26 dogs from a puppy mill, and had not been socialized.

We worked hard with Paul Mann of The Canine Center for Training and Behavior, and Clytie earned her American Kennel Club "Canine Good Citizen" certification in February 2010.

This enabled us to apply for the Divine Canines therapy program, which Clytie, Christina and I completed in March 2011. Clytie and I visit a nursing home two to four times per month, and Christina takes her to visit the Austin Children's Shelter, Austin State Hospital and the Barking Book Buddies program.

Why 'unithom'? I have been riding the unicycle since 1997. I have played on a unicycle basketball team, ride a mountain unicycle, and can juggle or carry people on my shoulders while riding a unicycle. (Just not all at once.)

However, in 2004 I finally graduated to a two-wheel bike. Since then, I have logged over 20,000 miles.
Most of this has been from bike commuting year-round, and participating in the MS Bike Tour.

I also enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding, hang gliding and interactive fiction (text adventures.)